MyLifeBrand Opens Platform to Niche Networks

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<p><strong>Seattle &mdash; July 11</strong><br />MyLifeBrand, a new social platform that allows users to aggregate and manage their favorite social networks, communities and friends, has allowed several niche social networks to integrate into MyLifeBrand&#39;s social platform. </p><p>These networks include Angling Masters, Navy SEALS,&nbsp; Respectance and Drunk Duck.<br /><br />MyLifeBrand continues the recent trend away from a MySpace-type of &quot;closed&quot; social networking system and goes beyond the approach from Facebook (which opened its platform to widget developers) by allowing niche networks to integrate their entire existing social network Web site, members and login credentials into MyLifeBrand, positioning MyLifeBrand as a marketing and member-acquisition platform for the entire niche network space.&nbsp; </p><p>MyLifeBrand is offering this through its integration API for select community partners but expects to open the solution to a larger partner base shortly.<br /><br />Each of the first niche networks to participate with MyLifeBrand already has existing community Web sites with member bases with strong topic-specific interests, ranging from fishing to military to Web comics.&nbsp; </p><p>Each continues to seek new ways to drive traffic and build membership, however. By enabling these niche networks on the MyLifeBrand platform, they will effectively be able to grow their member base.&nbsp; </p><p>Integration with MyLifeBrand will also deliver increased site traffic and ad revenue share for the niche network. <br /><br />&ldquo;As we continue to scale, I believe we are able to provide real marketing value to niche communities through the cross-pollination and cross-marketing of members on our platform,&rdquo; said Daniel Scalisi, MyLifeBrand executive vice president. &ldquo;We believe niche communities generally have difficulty scaling, and with this self-serve solution, we are able to help our niche communities grow.&rdquo;<br /><br />As one of the many integration features, member profiles are automatically generated into a niche network&rsquo;s database and site any time someone joins that community from MyLifeBrand.&nbsp; </p><p>Also, users are not only able to navigate that community&rsquo;s site within MyLifeBrand &mdash;&nbsp; they have a single login, whether they go to that community on MyLifeBrand or directly. </p><p>Users also can save that community in their networks &quot;Snapshot&quot; page so they can automatically log in, as well as import their friends from those networks.</p>

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