MyKnowledgeMap Launches Online Training

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<p><strong>York, England &mdash; May 4</strong><br />A nationwide bid to expand the successful adoption of U.K. town center management to a wider range of places includes the implementation of an online training academy provided by knowledge systems specialist MyKnowledgeMap (MKM).<br /><br />Part of AGORA, a $5.4 million project, partially funded by the European Social Fund and led by Manchester Metropolitan University Business School and the Association of Town Centre Management, the Institute of Place Management (IPM) is a new professional institute tasked with developing and supporting the creation of sustainable formal structures of place management. <br /><br />Administered by the Retail Enterprise Network (for which MKM built its Retail Academy), the IPM is also responsible for establishing professional, internationally recognized standards among all those involved in the management, development and marketing of places.<br /><br />York-based MKM, which is building an online academy for the IPM, is a U.K. supplier of infrastructure systems for national skill academies that manage people needs, spanning day-to-day productivity to discovering and achieving relevant qualifications within both private and local government sector organizations.<br /><br />In development for implementation on the IPM Web site , the e-Academy supports the management of internal courses on center management.<br /><br />Its infrastructure is designed for use across any single subject area or over a number of subject areas, and its sophisticated groupware environment provides collaborative training accessed by geographically dispersed users using only a Web browser to enable simultaneous teamwork and share training resources.<br /><br />The e-Academy integrates workshops, courses and libraries of e-learning, online books and podcasts seamlessly. </p><p>It can be used to manage inductions, organize appraisals, and deliver and document mandatory health and safety training. It includes a complete self-assessment and 360-degree assessment system and tracks user progress.<br /><br />The IPM e-Academy will incorporate a version of MKM&#39;s Empower system to allow its stakeholders to manage the product. Acting as a live virtual community, the system enables project players to communicate, find information (as in an actual library environment) and organize complex administrative and auditing tasks.<br /><br />&quot;Right now, we are researching internationally the information required for building the competency framework for place management,&quot; Director of Development Cathy Parker said. &quot;From our findings, we can develop training and support for attainment of an international professional qualification in a market that presently constitutes many niche associations without the mass, nor means, to assist its members in this way.&quot;<br /><br />IPM U.K. membership launches in July 2007, in Australia in September and globally in January 2008.<br /><br />&quot;We&#39;ll have some online support available at the U.K. launch,&quot; Parker said. &quot;Member benefits will expand as we populate the site. Distance learning for the inaugural introduction to place management qualification will be available from September.&quot;<br /><br />As director of the Retail Enterprise Network, Parker worked with MKM on the creation of its own Retail Academy.<br /><br />&quot;The experience provided me with a clear view of MKM&#39;s capabilities, so that when the IPM was mooted, I could see quickly where they could play a useful role,&quot; she said. &quot;The Retail Academy is a qualified success and provides a clear and deliverable model that will similarly meet the needs of the IPM.&quot;</p>

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