MyKnowledgeMap Hub for U.K. Food Manufacturing

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<p><strong>York, England &mdash; July 24 </strong><br />An online hub has been developed by learning development specialist MyKnowledgeMap (MKM) on behalf of Improve, the food and drink sector skills council for a multimillion-dollar national skills academy (NSA) that provides education and training for more than 28,000 employees of U.K. food and drink manufacturing over the next four years.<br /><br />The academy is one of three core projects launched by Improve, constituting the development of a sector skills agreement to provide an industrywide plan to deliver key skills, a new qualifications framework to provide the industry with the skills needed and the NSA to provide the platform for delivery.<br /><br />The MKM-developed portal will enable the academy&#39;s network of specialist training providers to advertise their services and help both food industry employers and individuals to locate relevant, local training to support their business or personal development. </p><p>Users can access a wealth of free tools and resources, as well as industry-specific e-learning courses and general business information.<br /><br />MKM also has produced an e-learning course in production management for the Improve NSA portal, developed by Grimsby Institute specifically for the skills academy.<br /><br />Food and drink is the largest U.K. manufacturing sector &mdash; it is second only to Canada in total global productivity and is the only growing manufacturing sector.<br /><br />Improving sector skills is the industry&#39;s response to potential threats to its stability from Holland, Germany and France, Eastern Europe and even further abroad.</p><p>&quot;Our skills academy is a vital step in meeting the skills challenges that the food and drink manufacturing sector faces,&quot; said Jack Matthews, Improve chief executive. &quot;It has been designed by employers for employers and will provide an effective and accessible system to deliver high-quality, relevant training through a mix of online, distance and site-based vocational courses.&quot;</p><p>Improve anticipates having 35 regional training centers operational within three years. </p><p>The fourth government-sponsored NSA to launch, Improve is expected to help template more to follow in other industries.<br /><br />MKM is a U.K. supplier of infrastructure systems for national skill academies with clients such as Skillsmart Retail and SkillsActive, now covering food and drink manufacturing, sport and active leisure, care and retail sectors.<br /><br />The company also offers e-Academies for commercial and local government sector customers.</p>

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