MyKnowledgeMap Awarded Tesco Retail Degree

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<p><strong>York, England &mdash; May 10</strong><br />Learning specialist MyKnowledgeMap (MKM) has been awarded the contract to develop a foundation degree in retail to be piloted by Tesco Stores.<br /><br />MKM is being partnered on the project, awarded by government agency Foundation Degree Forward, by the Retail Academy, Manchester Metropolitan University and The University of the Arts.<br /><br />The foundation degree in retail qualification is being mapped against the Skillsmart Retail Foundation degree framework and will utilize a combination of e-learning materials, residential delivery and online support to ensure that the program can be accessed by students in the workplace.<br /><br />The program draws on workplace experience to structure and inform the development of learning materials and integrates work-based learning and academic study through work-based projects and assignments and a reflective log and portfolio.<br /><br />As technical developer for the project, MKM has been selected to design and build the e-learning and the work-based learning support system for the qualification. </p><p>The cohort management, e-portfolio solutions and e-learning provided is to be based on MKM&#39;s innovative Compendle technology.<br /><br />MKM has started by producing e-learning on personal development and consumer behavior to support learning module themes of business improvement, customer and staff loyalty and the application of technology within the retail sector.<br /><br />Tesco Stores will be running a pilot program for the qualification, recruiting students in employment with diverse educational backgrounds. </p><p>The student profile will be a combination of experienced retail professionals and new entrants to the sector.<br /><br />The program will provide a work-based higher-education route for students who would not have traditionally progressed to college at 18 or would be unlikely to access higher education because of their work and life commitments.<br /><br />Post-pilot, it will next be available to the whole retail sector, with the aim of establishing consistent, national learning provision that employers and learners accept as being central to their workforce and personal development strategy.<br /><br />Tesco Stores views the development and trial of a foundation degree in retail as an opportunity for its personnel to study and learn as they continue to earn a living and develop their career with the company, Britain&#39;s largest food retailer.<br /><br />&quot;The retail foundation degree will become the latest part of the set of Tesco training and development on offer to our people,&quot; spokeswoman Claire Peters said. &quot;We want all our staff in stores to have the opportunity to gain an educational qualification whilst continuing to work for Tesco.&quot;<br /><br />The new course completes another stage in the development of a suite of qualifications, alongside the Retail Apprenticeship Level 2 program, which started in 2004 at Tesco.<br /><br />&quot;Our aim over the next five years is that all store employees will be able to enhance their education with Tesco, no matter what their age or level,&quot; Peters said.</p>

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