MyHealthCoach.Com’s Behavior-Change Model

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<p><strong>Cincinnati &mdash; June 13</strong><br />Choosing an effective health coaching option doesn&rsquo;t need to be a guessing game for employers. </p><p>The best wellness programs are based on sound science, are structured and are easy to follow. They systematically lead employees through identifying and understanding the issues and their options, resulting in lasting behavior change.<br /><br />Hummingbird Coaching&rsquo;s product uses the &quot;Y.O.U.R. coaching&quot; model, which creates a structured process built on a solid psychological research. </p><p>Its online delivery method is convenient and highly engaging for members.<br /><br />The Y.O.U.R. model&rsquo;s goal is to clarify you &mdash; the member&rsquo;s thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations; identify specific observations; use well-established concepts of human behavior to understand the issue and encourage specific responses based on that improved understanding.<br /><br />The proprietary Y.O.U.R. coaching approach draws on foundational research in psychotherapy and behavior modification, as well as new findings from the discipline of positive psychology. </p><p>The model helps coaches structure their coaching to produce quick results for members, benefiting them and their employers with lower health care costs.<br /><br />The model helps establish a positive working alliance between coaches and members. </p><p>Y.O.U.R. coaching helps members challenge their assumptions and better understand their behavior-change options. Coaches help individuals choose a direction and then support them in carrying through their decision.<br /><br />&ldquo;Too often, people act without a good understanding of a problem. Instead, their response often complicates matters and even makes them worse,&rdquo; said Donna Mayerson, Ph.D., co-founder and chief coaching officer. &ldquo;We have proven the Y.O.U.R. methodology over the years as an effective way to help members really step back and evaluate what is happening.&rdquo;<br /><br />Research into health coaching has shown that a moderate level of structure helps increase coaching effectiveness. </p><p>Y.O.U.R. coaching takes what often can be a somewhat meandering process and helps coaches and their members take a more direct route to their goals. </p><p>The structure instills confidence yet provides flexibility for coaches to help members express their individual strengths.<br /><br />&quot;A huge challenge facing coaches is how to encourage members to participate and remain committed to the program,&quot; said Mayerson, who was instrumental in creating and incorporating the Y.O.U.R. approach in &quot;Online delivery allows members to engage at their convenience and in shorter spurts. It also increases interactions between coach and members &mdash; an average of four times per month as compared to seven times per year with telephone coaching. </p><p>Such increased communication (along with our structure and leveraging of our member&rsquo;s strengths) leads to better rates of participation and retention.&rdquo;<br /><br /> provides support in the areas of weight management, blood pressure and cholesterol control, nutrition and smoking cessation.</p>

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