Multi-User E-mail Software Simplifies Contact

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<strong>Sandwich, Mass &mdash; Oct. 12</strong><br />InterVations Inc. has released MailCOPA v. 8, a multi-user e-mail program for Windows that takes the drudgery and mystery out of managing multiple e-mail addresses. <br /><br />If you have a team of employees using multiple em-ail addresses on multiple computers on the network, MailCOPA ensures that all e-mails are stored centrally and available immediately and securely to the people who need to access them.<br /><br />MailCOPA can bring together each employee&#39;s e-mails from multiple accounts and store them centrally. <br /><br />The program recognizes that the e-mails in your inbox might have come from several business accounts, mailing lists and even from your personal accounts. <br /><br />MailCOPA ensures that when you reply to an e-mail, your reply will be sent from the proper address and use the appropriate signature file. <br /><br />There is never a danger that you&#39;ll reply to business correspondence using your family e-mail address.<br /><br />It&#39;s easy to share e-mails across the network. MailCOPA lets a team of employees answer orders, inquiries and support requests, with no risk of e-mails being lost or answered multiple times by different workers. <br /><br />MailCOPA updates all shared e-mail users in real time, instantly displaying on every workstation critical information about which messages have been opened or replied to. <br /><br />The program provides a simple, efficient way to manage incoming reservations, help desk tickets, technical support requests and any information stream from clients and prospects.

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