MSI Factory 2.0 Eases the Development of Software Installer Packages

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<strong>Winnipeg, Canada &mdash; May 12</strong><br />Indigo Rose, a provider of software development tools, announced the release of MSI Factory 2.0, the next-generation intelligent setup builder for Windows. MSIFactory 2.0 fully leverages Microsoft&#39;s Windows Installer XML (WiX) compiler technology for creating 100 percent pure MSI format installer packages in a faster and more intuitive way. <br /><br />MSI Factory 2.0 makes the task of creating professional installers faster, easier and hassle free. Developers simply drag and drop files onto the project window and click on the build button. However, for those project leads requiring advanced Windows Installer features, MSI Factory 2.0 provides access to the underlying intelligence such as components, sequences and GUIDs, helping to jump start the deployment process.<br /><br />MSI Factory 2.0 offers a complete set of advanced installer capabilities including an intelligent development environment, a revolutionary fully scriptable .EXE bootstrap wrapper with LZMA data compression and 300-plus easy-to-use actions for creating totally custom installation solutions. MSI Factory generates an installer that can work with all versions of Windows from 95 to Vista.<br /><br />"Developing a Windows Installer MSI package has traditionally been complicated and prone to error," said Colin Adams, president of Indigo Rose Software Corp. "Our goal was to create a new standard for intelligent setup builders. We believe MSI Factory 2.0 moves the software development industry forward with its advanced features, low learning curve and next generation intelligence."<br /><br /><strong>Highlighted Features</strong><br />MSI Factory 2.0 incorporates a rich feature set to assist developers with the complex productivity challenges typically associated with creating industry standard MSI format Windows Installer packages. Some features include:<br /><br /><ul><li><strong>Next Generation: </strong>Fully leverages WiX compiler technology, giving developers easy access to the same technology Microsoft uses internally for creating installers for products like Microsoft Office and SQL Server. </li><li><strong>Intelligent Development:</strong> MSI Factory&#39;s visual IDE focuses on the files developers want to distribute, rather than on abstract concepts like components, features, sequences and GUIDs.</li><li><strong>Bootstrap Wrapper:</strong> Unique fully scriptable .EXE bootstrap wrapper with LZMA compression and 300-plus actions including HTTP downloads for unprecedented flexibility in an MSI based installer.</li><li><strong>WiX: </strong>Generate WiX compatible source projects with integrated support for WiX fragments and extensions.</li><li><strong>LZMA Compression:</strong> Integrated into the .EXE bootstrap wrapper to ensure the smallest installers possible.</li><li><strong>Dialog Editor: </strong>Visual dialog editor for quickly customizing the user interface. Includes 22 different control types (check boxes, radio buttons, bitmaps, edit fields, list boxes, selection trees, icons, scrollable text, etc.) for creating fully custom dialogs.</li><li><strong>System Editors: </strong>Extensive list of actions including registry editing, shortcut icons, file operations, INI files, environment variables, custom VBScript/JScript, file permissions, installing and controlling services, XML editing, working with ODBC databases and much more.</li><li><strong>Enterprise Ready: </strong>Essential features for team and enterprise development include automated builds, preprocessor defines, pre/post build steps and integrated support for WiX fragments and extensions.</li></ul>

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