More Than Half of U.S. Adults Now Play Video Games

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<strong>Rockville, Md. &mdash; May 19</strong><br /> has announced the addition of Packaged Facts&#39; new report <a href= target=_blank>The Adult Video Gamer Market in the U.S.: Tapping into the New Diversity of Video-Game Players,</a> to its collection of Consumer Electronics market reports. <br /><br />This ground-breaking Packaged Facts report provides a detailed analysis of the consumer attitudes and behavior of the 114 million American adults who play video games. Video-gamers represent more than half of the adult population and have an aggregate income of $4 trillion. <br /><br />Through the innovative use of data from the Simmons Market Research Bureau National Consumer Survey, this report challenges numerous stereotypes of video-gamers. For example, video-gamers are far from being slackers who do nothing but sit for hours on end in front of a gaming console or computer screen. <br /><br />In fact, video-gamers are exceptionally active consumers. They work out more, go out more and shop more than adult Americans who don&#39;t play video games. Although video games are a primary form of entertainment for many gamers, traditional forms of media and entertainment such as watching television, going to the movies and dining out remain a central part of the leisure-time habits of most video-game players. <br /><br />The report also shows how the population of video-gamers is rapidly diversifying beyond the core young male gamer. The prototypical video-gamer is now as likely to be a woman as a man. The video-gamer population includes 25 million adults in the 55-plus age bracket, 13 million retirees and 28 million grandparents. <br /><br />The report begins with an overview of the video-gamer market, which is divided into Avid, Moderate and Occasional segments based upon gamers&#39; degree of involvement with video games. It includes chapters on trends and opportunities in the video-gamer market, as well as an assessment of the size and growth of the market. <br /><br />The next section of the report provides a detailed analysis of key segments in the video-gamer market. Separate chapters present demographic profiles of video-game players and video-game buyers and include detailed data on the types and brands of games played and purchased. Another chapter provides an assessment of three gamer segments of increasing importance to the video-game industry: women, mature video-gamers and family gamers. <br />

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