More Than 200 Digital Books Now Available for German-Speaking Professionals

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Sebastopol, Calif.
Safari Books Online, a provider of an on-demand digital library for technology, creative and business professionals, announced it has expanded into German-speaking markets by launching the Safari Books Online German Basic Tech Library.

The German Basic Tech Library offers more than 200 titles for corporate teams with German-speaking developers and IT professionals and will grow by several hundred additional titles by the end of 2009.

The German books featured in the library are published by the top technical publishers in Germany. These include Markt+Technik Verlag, Addison-Wesley Verlag, O’Reilly Verlag, dpunkt Verlag and Wiley-VHC Verlag. The content from all publishers but Wiley-VHC Verlag is exclusively available in subscription form through Safari Books Online.

The books included in the German Basic Tech Library have been written by leading German-speaking subject matter experts and in many cases address the specific needs of European technologists. In addition, subscribers to this library can access thousands of English-language books and videos.

“Safari Books Online is excited to offer this exclusive, vetted content to German speaking technologists,” said Jeff Patterson, CEO of Safari Books Online. “For less than the cost of one training class per year, corporate teams can gain access to our digital library all year long and download books when they want, about whatever topic they need. Our German digital library enables German-speaking people to access our expert technology content quickly and easily.”

The products being offered by Safari Books Online include:

  • Safari Books Online German Basic Tech Library: Unlimited access to more than 200 local German-language books, as well as access to more than 7,000 English books and videos.
  • Safari Books Online German Bookshelf: Unlimited access to search and preview 200 local German-language books, as well as more than 7,000 English books. Ability to read up to 10 at a time through the use of a 10 slot bookshelf.
  • Safari Books Online Premium Library: A full-feature technical and business library, in German and English. Includes videos, rough cuts and business content in English.

“Through Safari Books Online, IT professionals who seek precise answers to their problems have access to thousands of high-quality reference books,” said Elke Hansel, managing director at O'Reilly Verlag. “The fact that German reference books are also included in Safari Books Online’s collection adds local expertise to the virtual library and also enables German-speaking customers to access the information more quickly from anywhere at any time through any Web browser. It is just the right thing for professionals who cannot afford to waste time.”

German-speaking IT managers, HR managers, corporate trainers, and corporate librarians can sign up now by contacting Safari Books Online at 49(0)2451 915 3590. Safari Books Online also features the ability for users to download a book and take it with them on a mobile device anywhere they want to go.

Once subscribers have access to Safari Books Online, they can simply access the books they want to read remotely through a special mobile interface or iPhone bookbag application and take Safari Books online with them wherever they go.

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