More Linux Certifications Are on the Way

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Despite lawsuits and publicity campaigns against it, Linux is still on the rise in the enterprise. Evidence of this fact is the growing cadre of certification options for the open-source technology. The latest in this growing list of options include a desktop certification that is being planned by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and a new Linux-focused certification from Novell.




LPI is planning a desktop certification initiative for Linux and is looking for support and possible partners to help build commitment to meet growing market demand for skills on the Linux desktop. Evan Leibovitch, president of LPI, said that the organization is currently calling for volunteers to help develop this new program. “The desktop is ready for primetime even in professional environments,” he said. “It’s not just a hacker’s toy anymore. Companies and users are ready to teach and use it, and we believe a certification program targeted to the desktop is going to help.”




This year, Novell has ported many of its technologies to the Linux platform, including eGuide, iFolder, NMAS, DirXML, ZENworks for Servers and eDirectory. As part of its new Linux strategy, Novell has announced a new certification, the Novell Certified Linux Engineer (Novell CLE).




Candidates for the new certification must pass a practical exam that will test skills in Linux OS, Linux networking and Novell services for Linux. To prepare for the course on Novell services, Novell recommends candidates take the courses to prepare for LPI’s Level 1 certification. Following this, the Novell Services for Linux course will build on that information by teaching students to install, configure and manage Novell services. This course will be available in November 2003, and the practical Novell CLE exam will be available in December.




Those who have already earned the Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) certification can take the CLE practical exam at no charge if they upgrade their CNE to NetWare 6 by Oct. 31, 2003.




For more information on LPI’s certifications, see To find out more about Novell’s certification offerings, visit 




For those pursuing the Linux certification path, stay tuned for CertMag’s Linux StudyGuide, coming in the October 2003 issue.


Emily Hollis is associate editor for Certification Magazine. She can be reached at 

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