Monster Launches Career Ad Network

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; March 21</strong><br />Monster Worldwide Inc. has announced the availability of the Monster Career Ad Network, a new recruitment media product developed to aid employers in reaching not only the millions of active job seekers on Monster&#39;s network of career management sites but also the broader pool of passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job but are open to new opportunities that match their backgrounds and interests. </p><p>The first solution of its kind, the Career Ad Network merges Monster&#39;s expertise in careers, online media and marketing to enable the creation of targeted and creative job advertising campaigns. </p><p>To further help employers target optimal talent, Monster also is introducing an additional suite of recruitment media solutions to help employers increase visibility among qualified candidates.<br /><br />As a supplemental opportunity for employers placing job postings with Monster, the Career Ad Network sources job postings automatically from Monster or MonsterTRAK, develops the postings into a creative ad that is then targeted toward appropriate candidates via strategic placements throughout the Web. </p><p>The campaigns target candidates where they spend time online, whether they are actively looking for a job or open to new opportunities if prompted by seeing relevant job postings outside of the traditional job search environment.<br /><br />Career Ad Network&#39;s patent-pending engine targets the placement of these ads based on data gleaned from prior candidate job searches &mdash; conducted on Monster or MonsterTRAK &mdash; and the employer&#39;s particular sourcing needs. </p><p>Driven by a sophisticated set of algorithms, Career Ad Network is capable of dynamic targeting based on job title, occupational category and location.<br /><br />&quot;Career Ad Network effectively reaches some of the most desirable candidates from an employer&#39;s perspective &mdash; the millions of people who are not actively looking for a new job but would be open to exploring an opportunity if the right position presented itself,&quot; said Mark Stoever, Monster Worldwide senior vice president and general manager of Internet advertising and fees. &quot;From the candidate&#39;s perspective, instead of seeing generic banner ads, they are presented with specific job postings likely to be of interest to them.&quot;<br /><br />As one of the top online advertisers, Monster Worldwide is leveraging its online media expertise to power the Career Ad Network on behalf of its employer customers. </p><p>Ad space purchased on Web sites and online media networks by Monster Worldwide now can be used to highlight specific jobs likely to be of interest to candidates. </p><p>Career Ad Network also uses the Monster Worldwide network of sites &mdash; including, Tickle, and FastWeb. </p><p>The Monster Worldwide Network of sites is a top-20 Web destination, attracting about 20 million unique visitors per month.</p><p>To save employers time and work, the Career Ad Network does not require any additional media expertise or creative development. </p><p>Designed to work independently, the Career Ad Network sources information from job postings placed on Monster or MonsterTRAK, automatically formats the ads, modifies existing copy, incorporates an employer&#39;s logo and other key branding elements and creates a headline.<br /><br />Once candidates click on the ad, they are taken directly to the job posting on Monster or MonsterTRAK. </p><p>Employers can track Career Ad Network value by detecting how many job views resulted from targeted ad placements and monitoring actions taken including: apply online, view all company jobs, save this job and send to a friend. </p><p>During its trial phase, Career Ad Network increased job page views for jobs posted on Monster Worldwide career sites by as much 45 percent.</p>

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