Monster Launches Redesigned Web Site

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; Jan 12</strong><br />Monster, an online career and recruitment resource and flagship brand of Monster Worldwide Inc., unveiled its new global seeker site. Launched in 24 countries, the new site was designed to make its seeker experience more innovative, intuitive and personal.<br /><br />”Monster has made a significant investment in product and technology in an effort to design and develop new tools and applications that help job seekers manage their career,” said Sal Iannuzzi, chairman, president and CEO of Monster Worldwide. “The result is an entirely new site experience which allows job seekers a more engaging and dynamic way to find the career that best matches their talent, background, aspirations and professional goals. We set out 18 months ago to deliver the best seeker experience possible.”<br /><br />The company said it has unique new career management applications that have been designed to not only attract, but engage and appeal to both the active and passive seeker. Available initially in the U.S. and rolling out to other countries in the coming months, these include:</p><ul><li>Monster Career Mapping: A patent-pending career exploration tool that leads people to explore their careers via many possible and interconnecting paths. </li><li>Monster Career Snapshots: A tool that allows users to access occupational profiles describing various roles, the skills required, the compensation and work-life balance associated with them. </li><li>Monster Career Benchmarking: An assessment tool that helps candidates measure themselves against other individuals or jobs in their industry.</li></ul><p>”The new Monster is a dynamic, interactive, intuitive destination experience &mdash; not a static, one-way job board,” said Darko Dejanovic, executive vice president, global chief information officer and head of product for Monster. “Ultimately, these changes create a platform that will enable us to continue to introduce new and exciting functionality in the future. Similarly &mdash; and equally important &mdash; employers will benefit from increased candidate engagement and activity, and improved reach and presentation of their jobs to the right seekers.”<br /><br />Monster&rsquo;s new Audience Sponsorship product allows employers to target desired seekers by advertising where relevant seekers are searching and navigating the site. Monster also has begun rolling out a new employer site experience designed to improve the overall recruitment process. </p>

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