Mono Project Announces MonoDevelop 2.0, Mono 2.4

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San Francisco — March 30
The Mono project, an open source initiative sponsored by Novell, announced the availability of MonoDevelop 2.0, an open source integrated development environment for programming with C# and other languages. Developers also can use Mono 2.4, the latest release of the open source, cross-platform .NET application framework which powers the recently announced SUSE Linux Enterprise Mono Extension. Mono and MonoDevelop together aim to streamline the development process and provide the tools that independent software vendors (ISVs) and corporate developers need to build and deploy .NET applications quickly and efficiently on the platform of their choice.

“By making .NET application development and deployment accessible for Linux, the Mono project is committed to expanding ISV and corporate developers' options beyond the Windows platform,” said Miguel de Icaza, vice president of development platforms at Novell, and leader of the Mono project. “With the newest releases for Mono and MonoDevelop, we continue to improve and extend the development tools and framework to deliver on this goal. The features and functionality available in this release are allowing developers to increase the number of .NET applications that are built and run on Linux.”

“As an enterprise product, it is critical that SplendidCRM runs on both Windows and Linux,” said Paul Rony, president of SplendidCRM Software. “With the help of Mono, we are able to deliver our latest build on Linux in just a few minutes. It doesn't get any easier than that.”

MonoDevelop 2.0 enables developers to write desktop and ASP.NET Web applications on Linux, port .NET applications created with Microsoft Visual Studio to Linux and Mac OS X and maintain a single code base for all three platforms. MonoDevelop aims to provide tools to simplify and streamline .NET application development on Linux.

The MonoDevelop code editor now aims to offer an improved developer experience with improved code navigation, source outlining and support for code completion in C# 3.0, ASP.NET, XML and HTML. Additionally, the MonoDevelop ASP.NET editor provides support for developing with master pages and custom Web controls.

The MonoDevelop debugger supports both debugging Mono-based applications as well as native applications, and is designed to empower developers to quickly locate and resolve issues in their codebase from directly within the development environment.

Mono 2.4 enables ISVs, independent developers, and corporate developers to run .NET client and server applications on Linux across a range of hardware architectures, including the mainframe. Additionally, with the recent introduction of SUSE Linux Enterprise Mono Extension, customers and ISVs also can receive full support, security and upgrades when using Mono in the enterprise. New features available in Mono 2.4 include performance improvements and runtime innovations, support for the latest features of ASP.NET and hosting pre-compiled Web sites.

MonoDevelop 2.0 and Mono 2.4 are available now and can be downloaded at

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