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About this time each year, the questions resurface: Are you getting what you’re worth? How is IT treating you? What’s new and what’s next?

It’s not surprising that those thoughts pop into my head and bounce around a bit as summer starts to melt away: For several weeks preceding this issue of Certification Magazine, our staff editors have been thinking about paychecks, outsourcing, recessions and recoveries.

In other words, we’re thinking about CertMag’s annual salary survey. The yearly drive to track your financial performance for the past year and project the path that lies ahead is just about to get under way, and your participation is crucial.

As a CertMag reader, we ask you to complete our annual survey questionnaire at anytime between Aug. 22 and Sept. 30. It’ll take about 10 minutes of your time, but your personal—and confidential—opinions and pay scales will help us help you map out the most lucrative and rewarding career journeys. (Plus, you might win a nice prize.)

Once again, the results of the survey—which last year drew responses from about 35,000 IT professionals worldwide—will be presented in the December 2005 issue of CertMag. We’ll also use your data to update the Salary Calculator on, so you’re never more than a click away from regional salary projections for major credentials.

For those of you who’ve never participated in our annual Salary Survey, I urge you to get involved this year. Certification is an industry that’s still reinventing itself, and the more you’re involved in that process—even if it’s just to stand up and be counted—the better for everyone.

If you’ve done this before, much of the survey questionnaire will seem familiar, but your involvement again this survey season will allow us to report legacy information to see how things have changed throughout the industry as the IT bubble floated up, down and all over. You will see some new materials in there, including an increased focus on charting the real-world divisions over offshoring and outsourcing.

Last year, we learned that certified salaries were still climbing, and that when it comes to top earnings, project management, security and storage were the solutions to pursue. We also saw the gender gap reverse itself, with women IT experts suddenly taking home the big bucks.

We’ll have to wait and see what revelations lie in store this year. Please visit between Aug. 22 and Sept. 30, and bring along a certified friend. The career you’re supporting may be your own.

Tim Sosbe
Editorial Director


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