Mobility Solutions Are Not a Priority for Enterprises

<strong>London &mdash; Nov. 8</strong><br />A new report by independent market analyst Datamonitor reveals that growth in the enterprise mobility market has been slower than anticipated. Although there are many planned investments across the surveyed regions and industries, the market is beginning to saturate in some geographic regions. The report "Understanding Adoption of Mobility Solutions" also highlights the fact that mobility solutions are often deployed together as a packaged solution as both investment and penetration levels for mobile management, applications and security are at similar levels. The report expects the largest growth in mobility solutions to come from the health care sector.<br /> <br />Datamonitor&rsquo;s report analyzes the results of a survey of 1,000 IT decision makers across Europe, North America and Australia to discover their plans for investment in mobility. The report also assesses enterprises&rsquo; preferences for mobility procurement and outsourcing. Mobility was discovered to be a low priority for enterprises, and out of the eight core enterprise technologies that Datamonitor has included in the survey, it is the least likely to be outsourced.<br /> <br /><strong>Mobility is not a priority for enterprises and market growth is slowing</strong><br /> <br />The survey reveals that growth in the enterprise mobility market has been slow. Penetration for the five technologies assessed, which includes mobile management, applications, security, platforms and integration, and telematics, has only increased 5 percent across the survey base since 2006. &ldquo;It is clear that mobility is not a top priority for enterprises with enterprise applications and IT systems management topping the agenda…



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