Mobile Satellite Ventures Signs Agreement with DialToneServices

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<p><strong>Reston, Va. &mdash; Aug. 23</strong><br />Mobile Satellite Ventures LP (MSV) has announced that DialToneServices (DTS) has signed a three-year agreement with MSV for the distribution of MSV satellite communications products and services.<br /><br />A regional telecom company, DTS provides fixed and mobile telecommunications services to residences, businesses and pubic safety organizations in rural and sparsely populated areas throughout Texas. <br /><br />With this agreement, DTS becomes a distributor of MSV voice and push-to-talk products and services to extend reliable communications services to uncertificated telecommunications regions &mdash; areas that telephone companies either don&#39;t serve or underserve.   <br /><br />”DialToneServices offers satellite-delivered telephone service to residential and business customers located in over 180 telephone exchanges throughout Texas,” DTS President Bill Dorran said. “DTS&#39; sole focus and mission is to provide superior service in areas where the current service is unsatisfactory and to supply dial tone in areas with no previously existing telephone service.  </p><p>”Our agreement with MSV arms us with an exceptional satellite communications solution to meet the growing requirements of our highly diverse customer base.”</p><p>Phil Clarke, MSV director of business development, agrees. </p><p>”MSV&#39;s network delivers dependable, high-quality voice services that are so very critical to DTS&#39; customers,” he said. “We are delighted to partner with DTS helping to extend its capabilities to offer satellite-based communications for every-day needs, from talking with family and friends to business and public safety operations.”   <br /><br />Dorran said MSV products and services provide DTS customers a very reliable, easy-to-use telecommunications option via satellite in areas where wireline and wireless technologies do not work.  </p><p>Another direct benefit to DTS customers is the MSV push-to-talk capability, which is widely used by public safety officials such as local sheriff departments, volunteer firefighters and emergency medical services responders. <br /><br />”DTS serves a number of large ranches throughout Texas, and the workers find the MSV push-to-talk, dispatch-style solution exactly what they need to stay in touch,” Dorran said. “It also gives them a much needed safety tool in the event of an accident or injury.” </p><p>The reliability and versatility of MSV satellite services have been driving MSAT-G2 satellite radio sales since the MSAT-G2 was introduced in early 2006.  </p><p>This satellite radio supports a range of innovative point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications solutions that include push-to-talk, push-to-track and voice services &mdash; addressing the increasing needs and demands of public safety and emergency response personnel.<br /><br />MSV is redefining wireless communications through its development of a hybrid satellite-terrestrial communications network, based on MSV&#39;s patented ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) technology.  </p><p>The company expects its next-generation network will provide seamless, transparent and ubiquitous wireless coverage of the United States and Canada to conventional handsets.  </p><p>MSV plans to launch two of the most powerful commercial satellites ever built that will enable this network to support communications in a variety of areas, including public safety, homeland security, aviation, transportation and entertainment, by providing a platform for interoperable, user-friendly and feature-rich voice and high-speed data services. </p>

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