Mobile Deployments Drive Enterprise Productivity

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According to a recent survey of enterprise decision makers and mobile technology managers from IDC’s Mobile Advisory Counsel (MAC), equipping employees with mobile devices and solutions is one way to increase worker productivity. Increased worker productivity ranked higher than any other potential strategic benefit of mobility, including reduced field-service time, increased revenue and market share, and reduced costs.

Not surprisingly, enterprises ahead of the mobility curve are no longer satisfied with basic wireless access and limited mobility—36 percent of the organizations surveyed currently provide wireless access to their back-end servers, applications and/or data for mobilizing corporate applications, and another 28 percent plan to do so in the next 12 months.


“Organizations that can effectively leverage mobility solutions to achieve their business objectives are leading the next evolutionary wave,” said Dana Thorat, senior analyst of IDC’s Mobile User program. “Over one-third of our respondents say that they currently have CRM application use via mobile devices. (Some) 32.3 percent are using field-service applications, and then sales-force automation is at 22.3 percent. These organizations are moving toward device convergence, wireless LAN infrastructures, wireless access to back-end servers and corporate data, and deployments beyond basic PIM and e-mail.”


Survey respondents rated security as the most significant issue to consider when executing mobile deployments. Most organizations are instituting standards, policies and processes to minimize the security risks of these investments. “We asked, ‘What type of policies or standards are you looking at or implementing regarding mobile devices and applications?’ and we had 60 percent say they had an internal security policy in place. We also had nearly 49 percent say that they have some type of acceptable use policy,” said Thorat.


Survey findings also suggest that a concerted push toward devices with converged features is in store for mobile enterprises. Organizations indicate plans to purchase mobile phones that are data-enabled, PDAs that are wireless-enabled, converged devices/smartphones and the latest BlackBerry devices that can support voice telephony.


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