Mimeo.Com Names VP of Corporate Strategy

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; June 28</strong><br />Mimeo.com, a provider of online, on-demand digital printing for customized business documents and marketing materials, has hiried Charlie Corr as vice president of corporate strategy.</p><p>Corr, a<strong> </strong>global print industry thought leaders, joins<br />Mimeo.com with more than 28 years of experience in the printing field, with industrywide expertise in implementing digital print technology and solutions.<br /><br />Corr will be the architect of Mimeo.com&#39;s corporate strategy.&nbsp; </p><p>He will be the key decision maker on service and product development strategies, document process improvement and go-to-market initiatives &mdash; both domestically and globally. &nbsp;</p><p>&quot;Charlie has been one of our industry&#39;s most significant figures for over a decade,&quot; CEO Adam Slutsky said. &quot;His joining Mimeo.com is both a coup for us and affirmation of our business model, our technology, our team and our truly exciting prospects for continuing rapid growth and development. </p><p>&quot;We have created this new position to take advantage of his in-depth industry knowledge, creativity, experience and leadership.&quot;</p><p>Corr said he is happy to join the company.&nbsp;</p><p>&quot;I am excited to be part of the Mimeo.com team,&quot; he said. &quot;Their innovative approach to digital printing and distribution is leading the way for our industry. Driven by some of the best Web technologists and process engineers they understand how a centralized production and distribution based business wins the battle for client service. </p><p>&quot;I&#39;ve seen how they have executed their strategy to perfection. In 2006, the manual print market was over $4.5 billion in the U.S. alone. Based on the industry&#39;s dramatic growth forecasts and Mimeo.com&#39;s emerging dominance the company has only tapped the tip of<br />the proverbial iceberg.&quot;</p>

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