Microsoft to Release New Certification

At the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Congress event in Seattle this week, attendees will have the opportunity to take a look at Microsoft’s soon-to-be-released Office Project 2007 software. They’ll also have a chance to hear about some new project management-oriented credentials coming out of Redmond, Wash., next year.

“At the PMI conference next week, we’re announcing three new Microsoft certifications around (Office) Project and project management,” Rob Linsky, Microsoft senior production manager for certification. “Two of those certifications are product/technology-focused, and they’ll fall in the technology spectrum, and then one of them will be a professional-series certification that will exist at that pro level.”

Linsky said the first technology-focused certification will deal with using Microsoft Office Project 2007 for desktop client-managed projects, while the second will cover using Office Project Server 2007 to manage multiple complex projects. The third credential is designed for project managers and program managers, who handle multiple complex projects in a large-enterprise environment.

Additionally, the new certifications will align to PMI’s Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) standard.

“We’re basically taking their framework and methodology and intertwining that with our tool,” Linsky said. “What (PMI) has done is defined how their framework can be applied with project management tools like Office Project. They’ve set up a framework that we’re plugging into. Other project management tools providers are free to do that, as well.”

Microsoft’s new project management certifications don’t have official titles yet (expect an announcement on that sometime next month), but…



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