Microsoft Offers ‘Second Shots’ on Exams

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Microsoft certification candidates who take but don’t pass any exam between now and May 31 will get a free second chance to complete the test successfully, company officials announced. The “Second Shot” program, which kicked off on Feb. 28, is available at all Microsoft testing delivery providers.


“For every exam a candidate purchases, they will get one chance at a retake,” said Javier Arrupea Gitlin, marketing manager at Microsoft Learning. “A candidate may register for Second Shots on multiple exams during the offer.”


Microsoft recommends participants wait at least one business day after failing an exam before calling their testing center’s central registration contact to schedule their free retake. Candidates should state that they are taking part in the Second Shot campaign and also have their corresponding promotional code ready. The call-center representative will then validate participants’ eligibility for a free second chance. Although candidates must take their initial exams prior to May 31 to be eligible for the promotion, the timeframe for retakes will last until June 30.


The Second Shot program is the latest in a series from Microsoft Learning. Other promotions include two-for-one Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exams, free access to an eReference Library for Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) recipients and free training for Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) program participants.


“Microsoft Learning is constantly evaluating the needs of our customers and tailoring offerings to meet their interests,” Gitlin said. “For example, with the 2:1 MCP Exam offer we found that candidates are more likely to do better on exams when they have a partner to study with. So, the 2:1 MCP Exam offer was born.


“Microsoft is highly committed to the certification program, and these promotions are a way to encourage candidates to complete their credentials and get the recognition and skills necessary to be more productive and advance in their careers,” he added. “While there are several promotions in market until May 31, the Second Shot program is the only one that applies to all candidates in the MCP program, regardless of their certification goals. The other promotions are targeted to candidates pursuing a specific certification such as the free eReference library for MCSAs in Windows 2003.”

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