Microsoft, Novell Open Interoperability Lab

<p><strong>Cambridge, Mass. &mdash; Sept. 20</strong><br />Microsoft Corp. and Novell have opened the Microsoft and Novell Interoperability Lab in Cambridge, Mass. <br /><br />Announced last fall as part of Microsoft and Novell&#39;s groundbreaking collaboration agreement, the opening of the lab delivers on a promise the two companies made to work together to create a joint development facility at which Microsoft and Novell technical experts will design and test new software solutions and work with customers and the community to build and support technologies that allow Microsoft Windows Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise to work well together.<br /><br />"The Microsoft and Novell Interoperability Lab is officially open for business," said Tom Hanrahan, Microsoft director of Linux interoperability. "We are pleased to be working with Novell on this joint interoperability effort and are eager to roll up our sleeves and continue the challenging technical work required to make Windows Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise interoperability a reality for our customers."</p><p>Suzanne Forsberg, Novell interoperability lab manager, agreed. </p><p>"Today&#39;s lab opening is another indicator of the high priority that Novell and Microsoft are giving this collaboration," Forsberg said. "This kind of technical interoperability work requires disciplined effort and dedicated resources, and that&#39;s what this lab is built around. Enterprise customers are demanding exactly the kinds of interoperable solutions that will be the focus of this lab&#39;s work and output."<br /><br />The 2,500-square-foot lab and workspace will be home to a combined team of the best and brightest Microsoft and Novell engineers focused on making Windows…



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