Microsoft Introduces Certified Architect to the Public

Microsoft’s long-awaited Certified Architect credential was officially released to the masses at the company’s Tech-Ed 2006 conference last week when some candidate slots were opened up to a select group of attendees.

“We are finally taking the Microsoft Certified Architect program live and making it available and open for enrollment to the general public,” Microsoft certification program manager Al Valvano said. “We feel like we’ve got the process ready to go.”

The roll out represents the end of the 18-month creation-to-completion process of the Microsoft Certified Architect, which is a fairly typical development time span for one of the company’s credentials. However, the methodologies used in building the certification were dramatically different and included heavy engagement, interaction and involvement among a community of architects within Microsoft, its partner organizations and its clients, Valvano said.

“In this case, there was a very similar timeline, but a much different approach and process,” Valvano said. “This is a groundbreaking program in my view. We’re creating a certification that’s looking at their skills in a lot of different categories, including technology, but also including lots of other things. I think the nature of what we’re testing against gave us the opportunity to have a really unique approach to the way a candidate is certified. What I like most about this process is the level of one-on-one interaction that we get with this community.”

As a result of this development process, 65 individuals attained the Microsoft Certified Architect prior to…



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