Microsoft Certifies IM-Translate for ‘Messenger’

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Le Havre, France — July 15
IM-Translate announces that Microsoft Corp. has certified its instant message translator for Windows Live Messenger (known as MSN Messenger).

IM-Translate is now part of the library of activities embedded in MSN Messenger. When one user downloads IM-Translate then invites a buddy to chat, Messenger will automatically configure IM-Translate for the other user so chatting in English, Spanish or French can begin immediately.

There is no copy, pasting or jumping back and forth to a Web-based translator. IM-Translate eliminates the need to join or port contacts lists to yet another social network to communicate in a foreign language. Type into the IM message field, hit “Enter,” and the message is sent instantly.

Users communicate with confidence, making travel arrangements easily or chatting with friends or family in other countries. Students can perfect their foreign language skills while chatting with pen pals all around the world. Adding voice to an IM allows users to hear messages in the buddy’s language, making the user both teacher and student at the same time.

Best of all, once installed, IM-Translate is totally transparent: users simply type as usual. Both sender and receiver see the original message and the translation, so each can fine-tune typing and spelling to get the most accurate translations possible.

Unlike some services using generic industry translators, IM-Translate is an intuitive, machine-based language translator specifically created for instant messaging applications. Better than dictionary translation, IM-Translate conjugates verbs and uses sentence analysis to render the most accurate translation possible, instantly. Even IM chat slang/jargon has been incorporated into the translator.

IM-Translate is available in French, English and Spanish, with more languages coming soon. The IM-Translate application has been approved by Microsoft and placed in the Windows Live Messenger Gallery of Activities and is available for public beta testing with Yahoo Messenger.


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