Exam Vouchers Given to U.S. Military Personnel

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A new program will provide Microsoft certification exam vouchers exclusively to active-duty, National Guard and Reserve U.S. military service members. Pearson VUE, DANTES, JASZ Technology, Microsoft Corp. and New Horizons Learning Center of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, N.C. will collaborate on this initiative.


“The military is an exciting opportunity for certification,” said Randy Trask, vice president of market development for Pearson VUE. “It is a group of people that, for the most part, come in for a short time. Part of the bargain the military makes with the young men and women while they’re civilians is that they’re going to give them skills that are transferable when they get out, should they choose to do that. Consequently, there are major pushes within the military to support certification, not only to help the professionalism of the soldiers, but also to give them transferable skills when they leave the military.”


The program, which was launched Nov. 1, 2004, offers eligible U.S. military personnel the chance to apply for a free Microsoft certification exam voucher. The offer is available exclusively in the Pearson VUE network, which is comprised of more than 3,700 Pearson VUE Authorized Centers around the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan.


Trask, who is a veteran of the U.S. Army, said the military shares the organizations’ excitement in this initiative, and is already looking into expanding it in both size and scope. “The military has openly addressed the concept of certification across the board, of which IT certification is just one flavor. I would be surprised if it’s not extended to include more IT sponsors, and eventually I would imagine it would go outside of IT.”


The program is aimed at the entire military population across all branches, from officers to warrant officers to enlisted soldiers. The initiative, still in its early phases, has been met with keen interest throughout the ranks, Trask said. “They’re absolutely enthusiastic supporters of IT certification.”


To participate in this program, military personnel must apply for the free exam vouchers online. The active personnel who are accepted as part of this program will receive an electronic Pearson VUE voucher they can use to register for their free exam taken at any Pearson VUE Authorized Center.


For more information, see http://www.pearsonvue.com/dm/military.

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