MicroNet Releases e-SATA RAID

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<p><strong>Torrance, Calif. &mdash; Aug. 15</strong><br />MicroNet Technology, an innovator in storage solutions, has rolled out a compact high-performance e-SATA storage array that combines multi-terabyte capacity and exploits the full potential of SATA-2 data bandwidth to deliver an unprecedented performance and value in RAID storage for SMB and SOHO customers.<br />&nbsp;<br />The new SR-4 Blackbird SATA RAID array is MicroNet&#39;s answer to the traditional RAID disk array. </p><p>It packs four SATA drive bays with up to 4 TBs of capacity into a compact 12-pound device with a desktop<br />footprint about half the size of a sheet of notebook paper.&nbsp; </p><p>MicroNet designed the SR-4 Blackbird array for best-in-class performance, providing an ideal high-speed, high-capacity storage solution for the busy professional and home user.&nbsp; </p><p>Using cutting-edge eSATA-300 technology, the MicroNet SR-4 Blackbird SATA RAID boasts a pure SATA-2 architecture, eliminating the costly and performance-draining interface bridging and protocol conversions that other solutions require.&nbsp; </p><p>It also leverages the Native Command Queuing feature of SATA-2 technology to further improve data throughput by intelligently managing the file transfers and adds up to 16 MB of data buffer cache to further boost data throughput.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p> The result is best-in-class read performance of up to 240 MB per second and write performance of up to 200 MB per second. </p><p>&quot;eSATA is a key enabling technology that opens the door for SOHO and SMB users to SCSI-type performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional SCSI RAID solutions,&quot; said Joe Trupiano, MicroNet director of marketing. &quot;Just as with its SR-71 namesake, the SR-4 Blackbird was built for speed but at a price that makes it accessible to a wide range of customers, from home users needing high capacity to store data intensive digital content, to SMB and SOHO business customers that need multi-terabyte capacity combined with performance that can support bandwidth intensive applications such as digital video production and streaming media.&quot;</p>

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