Michael C. Fina’s "Magic Box" Meets Standard

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; Aug. 30 </strong><br />Michael C. Fina, a provider of worldwide corporate employee-recognition programs, is contributing to a greener planet by becoming more environmentally conscious. </p><p>As part of this effort, the company&rsquo;s premier recognition presentation product, &ldquo;The Magic Box&rdquo; is being made from recycled products in the United States.<br /><br />The major component of this most popular employee-recognition product, the outer box, which represents more than 93 percent of the package by weight, is made with 100 percent recycled products and conforms to FDA regulations.<br /><br />”As a company that is very focused on being a good corporate citizen, we are delighted to be able to provide our customers with a product that is not only made from recycled products, but is made in the U.S.A,&rdquo; Vice President Michael A. Fina said. <br /> <br />A Michael C. Fina exclusive, The Magic Box has changed the way that corporations approach their recognition process.<br /><br />The Magic Box provides managers and supervisors the ability to honor employees in front of their peers. Through this program, employees are recognized three times: First when they are presented with their Magic Box in front of their peers, then again when they go home and open the box and the brochure and share it with their family and finally when the gift arrives at their home, gift-wrapped.<br /><br />The standard Magic Box includes: presentation box with ribbon; personalized recognition certificate with frame; small gift with corporate symbol; personalized letter on corporate letterhead signed by company&#39;s CEO; gift brochure with ordering instructions and presenter&#39;s guide for making the presentation.<br /><br />The Magic Box program is a consistent, customizable, cost-effective and easy-to-present employee-recognition tool that puts the presentation focus on the employee, not the gift or company.<br /><br />&ldquo;Moving forward, Michael C. Fina will continue to &lsquo;think green&rsquo; and do more to become a more environmentally friendly company,&rdquo; Fina said.</p>

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