Fina Helps UPS Celebrate 100th Anniversary

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; Sept. 18</strong><br />Michael C. Fina, a provider of worldwide corporate employee-recognition programs, is helping UPS celebrate its 100th anniversary by providing rebranded components for the Magic Box, Michael C. Fina&rsquo;s premiere recognition tool, to complement its existing employee-recognition program. </p><p>In addition, the company is enhancing UPS&rsquo; employee GiftNET catalog Web sites with the special Centennial logo designed by UPS.<br /><br />UPS started in 1907 as the brainchild of two teenagers in a Seattle basement, whose fledgling messenger service made deliveries on foot or on bicycle. </p><p>UPS Inc., which celebrated its 100-year anniversary Aug. 28, is now the world&#39;s largest shipping carrier &mdash; a $47 billion business with a fleet of trucks, an airline and operations in 200 countries.<br /><br />”Michael C. Fina is honored and excited to help UPS honor its 100th anniversary,&rdquo; said Michael A. Fina, vice president. &ldquo;UPS has a unique history, and we&rsquo;re pleased to play an important role in how UPS recognizes its employees for the contributions they have made to the growth of the company.&rdquo; </p><p>For the past six years, Michael C. Fina has worked with UPS to provide branded employee-recognition tools and programs for its 427,000 employees around the world.</p><p>These tools, included under Michael C. Fina&rsquo;s One Source Total Recognition umbrella, are the core of a successful program. </p><p>They include different channels, presentation platforms and materials such as The Magic Box, E-Service Recognition and GiftNET.<br /><br />Michael C. Fina develops programs for UPS in the United States, Europe and Asia to continually improve recognition practices that make effective workplace presentations as easy as possible for UPS managers and supervisors. </p><p>Michael C. Fina not only supplies the award and presentation materials, but also confirms that the actual shipment of the gift was received.<br /><br />The Magic Box offers UPS managers an easy and effective tool for recognition. It arrives on time before an anniversary, labeled for each presentation and enables managers or supervisors to honor employees in front of their peers. </p><p>The Magic Box contains several items including a personalized gift catalog from which the employee can select a gift of their choice. </p><p>The GiftNET gift catalog Web site incorporates the new anniversary logo, color scheme, imagery and CEO&rsquo;s message that reflects the UPS brand, as well as the company&rsquo;s culture. </p><p>GiftNET offers UPS employees a unique, interactive gift selection experience that enhances employee satisfaction with a simple click of the mouse.<br /><br />Each year, on UPS Founder&rsquo;s Day (Aug. 28)m Michael C. Fina produces and distributes more than 15,000 personalized plaques. </p><p>&ldquo;This year, in honor of the UPS 100th-anniversary celebration, the plaque was redesigned with the special UPS centennial logo,&rdquo; Fina said.                     <br /><br />To mark its centennial anniversary, UPS has been holding events around the world. UPS Chief Executive Mike Eskew has attended many, and he is marking his own 35th anniversary with the company.<br /><br />The CEO also will be picking out an anniversary gift from a company catalog.</p><p>He&#39;s thinking about selecting a bicycle, symbolic of the company&#39;s beginnings where messengers often traveled on bike to make their deliveries.</p>

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