Michael C. Fina Announces New Workplace Safety Recognition Program

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<p><strong>New York &mdash; March 26, 2008</strong><br />Michael C. Fina, a provider of employee recognition solutions, announced a new and robust employee safety recognition program focused on promoting workplace safety. The program, a new addition to the company&rsquo;s One Source Total Recognition suite of products, is designed to use recognition and noncash awards to reinforce a company&rsquo;s safety goals and initiatives. The workplace safety recognition program is particularly suited to industry sectors, such as transportation, manufacturing, health care and construction, where safety is a chief concern. <br /><br />&ldquo;We have helped many Fortune 1000 companies over the years to reward and recognize their employees for adhering to safety protocol and being proactive in their attention to safety guidelines,&rdquo; said Jeffrey Fina, vice president at Michael C. Fina. &ldquo;Because our integrated safety programs have worked so well as part of a complete package of turnkey employee recognition programs, we have decided to formally brand our solution as a distinct offering and market it to those customers who will benefit from the program&rsquo;s proven results.&rdquo; <br /><br />Michael C. Fina customers, such as WIKA Instrument Corp., a maker of pressure and temperature instrumentation, have benefited significantly from the program. &ldquo;In under two years after implementing Michael C. Fina&rsquo;s workplace safety recognition program, we saw significant return on our investment and marked increase in employees&rsquo; adherence to safety guidelines,&rdquo; said Catherine Bochenek, environmental, health and safety manager at WIKA Instrument Corp. </p><p>&ldquo;Since we implemented the points-based employee safety recognition program, our employees are happier, and our worker&rsquo;s compensation costs have decreased more than 90 percent &mdash; from $1.35 per $100 in 2005 to 10 cents per $100 in 2007. The program was a wise investment," she added.</p><p>Some estimates on the economic impact of job-related injuries and illnesses go as high as $155 billion dollars per year. These huge expenditures can be crippling to businesses&rsquo; operations and profitability. Employees don&rsquo;t want to get hurt or purposely hurt others, but in a pressure-filled world, distractions and accidents happen. Reward and recognition is a proven method of breaking through to employees so safety remains top of mind. </p><p>According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), recognition establishes a culture in which employees themselves help promote safety procedures while on the job. Recognizing safe working behavior among employees results in a more safety-conscious workforce.<br /></p>

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