Mexico’s Largest Mortgage Lender Chooses Novell

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<strong>Waltham, Mass. &mdash; Oct. 3</strong><br />The Instituto del Fondo Nacional de la Vivienda (INFONAVIT), Mexico&#39;s largest mortgage lender, has tapped SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell as its platform for customer transactions. <br /><br />Providing services to more than 12 million people and 830,000 employers, INFONAVIT has deployed SUSE Linux Enterprise as the basis for its new payment collection system. <br /><br />With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, INFONAVIT has a stable, flexible platform that enables it to provide a high-quality, easy-to-use service while streamlining costs and administrative processes.<br /><br />”We believe the implementation of INFONAVIT&#39;s new fiscal collection system is the largest IT project ever performed in Mexico, and it is of immense importance to Mexican society and the national economy,” said Oscar Castellanos Peón, INFONAVIT IT service coordinator. “SUSE Linux Enterprise Server gives us a stable, high-performance platform for the new solution, and Novell helped us complete the project rapidly and effectively.”<br /><br />After investigating multiple options, INFONAVIT chose SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as the platform for its new payment collection system to increase revenues, reduce operational costs and streamline business processes. <br /><br />The system leverages the SAP Public Sector Collections and Disbursements application, integrated with INFONAVIT&rsquo;s SAP ERP solution. <br /><br />INFONAVIT found the SUSE Linux Enterprise solution reduced the cost of implementation of the new payment system by more than 50 percent by lowering hardware infrastructure investment and maintenance requirements. Novell&#39;s world-class support capabilities also were a key factor in the decision.<br /><br />INFONAVIT achieved a return on its investment in SUSE Linux Enterprise in 12 months, based on a combination of improved ability to manage mortgage payments and increased internal efficiencies. <br /><br />INFONAVIT estimates it has saved about $3 million in hardware costs and $1.5 million in software licensing, and the stability and reliability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server will also help keep the long-term cost of ownership low.<br /><br />”INFONAVIT has discovered the advantages that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides to a company, with the reliability, performance, savings and security required for enterprise deployments,” said Gastón Pernalete, Novell Mexico general director. “We are pleased to offer the market a strong, flexible and secure platform, that in the case of INFONAVIT provides quality performance to 830,000 clients.”

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