Metastorm Introduces Developer Certification

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Metastorm, a provider of business process management (BPM) software that helps companies automate, manage and control processes, has launched a new certification program for developers. This offering will go hand-in-hand with Metastorm’s existing Global Training Services.




The Developer Certification program will test developers’ knowledge of Metastorm e-Work Version 6. The two-part certification process includes training and certification covering e-Work Version 6 development skills.  Once completed, certified developers will have a good understanding of deploying Metastorm BPM technology, with a high level of product expertise.




The first part of the certification process is a series of multiple-choice, true-or-false and short-answer questions. The second part asks candidates to build an e-Work procedure according to a defined list of requirements. The exam is designed to test candidates’ core product knowledge as well as their real-world skills on e-Work Designer and Procedure.




Benefits of the certification include the ability to demonstrate proven expertise of Metastorm e-Work BPM software and increased visibility for partners. Certified developers also are able to successfully implement e-Work within an organization, which allows their employers to benefit from maximum returns on their investment in the application.




More than 1,300 people have gone through the training courses Metastorm recommends prior to certification. The training curriculum is designed to help developers build their knowledge and ability to quickly implement Metastorm’s BPM technology. Classes allow developers to get hands-on experience planning, designing, integrating and customizing processes using Metastorm e-Work. 




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Emily Hollis is managing editor for Certification Magazine. She can be reached at

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