PeopleNet Solution Selected by Colombian Gov’t

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<p><strong>MIAMI, Fla. &mdash; Jan. 17</strong><br />Meta4, a multinational company specializing in human and intellectual capital management (HICM) solutions, announced that the Colombian government&rsquo;s Administrative Department of the Public Function (DAFP) has selected Meta4&rsquo;s comprehensive suite of software solutions. </p><p>The Colombian government is replacing its current system with Meta4&rsquo;s PeopleNet 7.1 and has classified this project as a priority. Approximately 40 Colombian public entities will begin using PeopleNet immediately. The nationwide implementation is scheduled to take place during the next 18 months. <br /><br />Fernando Grillo, entity director for DAFP, said, &ldquo;Meta4&rsquo;s proven track record with other large governments and public administrations attracted our attention. We have the peace of mind that Meta4 is our ally for the systematization of our public servants in Colombia as they previously have done in several other countries.&rdquo;<br /><br />The DAFP is Colombia&rsquo;s executive branch responsible for formulating the general policies of public administration including management of technologies and resources for economic and social development. The department is responsible for administering the HR function for more than 3 million employees located in 10,000 offices throughout the country.<br /><br />For the past three years, a technical committee from Colombia&rsquo;s DAFP worked with third-parties such as Heinsohn Software House, one of the leading providers of software in South America, and the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP), an organization connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources, to evaluate numerous vendors. Using guidelines set forth by the UNDP, a request for proposal (RFP) was issued by the DAFP. Vendors participating in the RFP process included Meta4, Oracle, SAP and Columbus IT (Microsoft).<br /><br />This working group coordinated by Julian Marulanda-Calero, project manager for DAFP, worked to identify a system that would represent an effective modernization of processes and procedures related to public organizations and public employment. Marulanda-Calero said, “This is a very important project, because it not only has relevance to the DAFP, the entire Colombian government will benefit in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and social control. This is a project that represents a model for other countries in Latin America. “<br /><br />Under the terms of the agreement, Meta4 will provide advanced payroll and workforce administration to all of the Colombian government&rsquo;s 10,000 offices. Additionally, Meta4&rsquo;s PeopleNet will provide workforce planning analysis to allow the Colombian government to centralize information and ensure their employees are properly managed and deployed.<br /><br />Meta4 has more than 100 government contracts in Latin America, making it the leading HRMS in this sector. Meta4&rsquo;s Vice President of Pan-America and Global Accounts Officer, Carlos Diaz, said, &ldquo;Meta4 has earned a solid reputation for managing all aspects of human resource management in the government sector. <br /><br />This client is the logical continuation to the mega-projects we have been closing in the area, such as the SFP (Public Service Ministry) in Mexico, the biggest HR project in the world so far.&rdquo;<br /></p>

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