Meta4 Featured in Industry Analyst Firm’s Report

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<p><strong>Miami &mdash; Dec. 12</strong><br />Meta4, a multinational company specializing in human and intellectual capital management (HICM) solutions, announced its inclusion in AMR Research Inc.&rsquo;s human capital management report, “The Strategic HCM Suite Landscape: Consolidation of Workforce Acquisition, Management, Development, and Assessment.” Meta4 was one of 28 vendors included in the report, which examines leading software vendors specializing in human capital management (HCM) solutions.<br /><br />AMR identified software providers that support at least two of the four main areas of strategic HCM: acquisition, management, development and assessment. Vendors were required to provide information about their company and its products, conduct a live demonstration of its strategic HCM capabilities and provide five references using at least two major areas of strategic functionality. AMR evaluated the vendors in key areas to determine the level of sophistication of their strategic HCM applications. Performance in the key areas combined with overall knowledge of the market and company histories led AMR to determine the potential of each provider&rsquo;s solutions.<br /><br />In describing Meta4&rsquo;s HCM solution, PeopleNet7, AMR&rsquo;s research found its &ldquo;compelling features are its Active Manager Self-Service, which is moving the use of the system from a transactional focus to a process focus, with active links to help managers do their jobs more easily. It also includes the Active dashboard, featuring analytic intelligence details to give more data in context.&rdquo;<br /><br />Carlos Diaz, vice president, Pan-America, and global accounts officer for Meta4, said, &ldquo;We are pleased that Meta4&rsquo;s overall rating is higher than larger HCM vendors such as Oracle and SAP, as well as newer players that are based on the same object-oriented technology.&rdquo; He added, &ldquo;Meta4 is committed to the innovative concept of active HR and providing our customers with greater intelligence to help increase their productivity.&rdquo; </p>

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