META Group Outlines Top 10 E-Mail Concerns

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Every once in a while, as I am drinking my coffee and dealing with my correspondence in the morning, I wonder how we ever got along without e-mail. The use of electronic communications has grown so much and has pervaded business so completely, that most of us don’t know what we did before we had tools like e-mail, instant messaging and Web conferencing.




But along with these technological developments have come a new host of problems. And according to the META Group, the problems and issues surrounding the increasing use of e-mail will evolve. According to Matt Cain, vice president with META Group’s Technology Research Services, e-mail is only going to become increasingly entrenched, valuable and critical to the well-being of organizations. “By 2007, e-mail priorities will have changed dramatically from existing concerns such as spam blockage and policy enforcement to a focus on stability and security,” he said.




With this in mind, META Group outlined the top 10 concerns that organizations will face by 2007. First in importance is stability. Organizations will have to upgrade their infrastructures in order to ensure 100 percent reliability during business hours. Second on the list was security/hygiene. META Group said that spam is not going to go away, but tools and techniques for filtering will be able to control it. Also, multiple products and systems will be batched together by vendors to deal with the various threats and problems, such as spam, virus protection and denial-of-service attacks. Third in importance is centralization, which META Group said will lead organizations to apply the operational disciplines of the data center to e-mail.




Other concerns META Group focused on include encrypted e-mail, record retention, mailbox overload, mobility, upgrades, rightsizing and knowledge management.




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