Messaging Administrator: Managing a Host of Functions

The term “messaging administrator” typically conjures up a wide array of job functions and responsibilities — too many, in fact, for a single person, regardless of how talented the individual may be. For this reason, candidates interested in this field tend to become experts in one of three tracks that traditionally comprise the role of a messaging administrator.

The three different types of messaging administrators are: mail administrator, text messaging administrator and instant messaging administrator. 

Experts in their Own Domains

While the responsibilities vary depending on the particular job role, it’s not uncommon for some overlap to exist.

For instance, the functions of an internal messaging administrator — whether an e-mail administrator or an instant messaging administrator — usually revolve around internal compliance as well as auditing and messaging and quota management, said David Wachs, president of Cellit, a company that specializes in self-service mobile marketing for smaller businesses as well as large global firms. 

What forms the bulk of responsibility for text messaging administrators, on the other hand, is dealing with outside compliance procedures, which includes managing the frequently changing compliance requirements of the carriers. 

“A text message is 160 characters in length, so there you’re not so worried about storage issues surrounding data because they’re so tiny,” Wachs said. “But if I’m managing mail servers, I could very well be concerned about how much hard drive space we have left on our servers at the end of the day and also backing those up and making…

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