MCG Partners Announces New Leader Program

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<strong>Boston &mdash; Jan. 22 </strong><br />As new leader turnover continues to increase, as high as 50 percent, it is creating significant performance, retention and cost challenges for both the private and public sector. In response to this escalating problem, MCG Partners is announcing a New Leader On-Boarding Program to address this critical issue: how to effectively on-board a new leader. <br /><br />&ldquo;There has been extensive research over the last several years,&rdquo; Chuck Mollor, managing partner of MCG Partners stated, &ldquo;concluding a new leader&rsquo;s early experiences with a company are key to determining whether they can be successful in their new role.&rdquo; Surprisingly, many companies seem to leave executive on-boarding to chance. Research suggests that companies with a comprehensive on-boarding program can experience a success rate of 90 percent or above in retaining new executive hires. <br /><br />New leaders, hired externally or promoted from within, are prone to making common mistakes while attempting to communicate big ideas or determining how to resolve conflict. Chuck Mollor stated, &ldquo;Not having an on-boarding program considerably prevents or slows the new leader&rsquo;s successful integration into the job and company, potentially tarnishes how they are viewed by others and jeopardizes the organizations ability to achieve its goals.&rdquo; This could lead to accusations of not understanding what it takes or not being the right fit for the job or organization and can result in lost productivity, team dysfunction and opposition to changes that are trying to be implemented. &ldquo;The MCG Partners New Leader On-Boarding Program was developed to provide organizations flexibility in using it as a coaching program on a case-by-case basis or to integrate across the organization for all new leader hires,&rdquo; Chuck Mollor confirmed.<br />

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