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Performance Testing: The Next Generation
Kellye Whitney
Certifications that require candidates to show they know their stuff are considered highly valuable. Performance tests are growing in popularity, helping you prove that you can walk the walk.



Choosing a Managed Security Services Provider
Ed Tittel
For specialized skills like information security, some organizations find it’s best to rely on external service providers to ensure their systems are protected. Here’s a rundown of the top managed security services.

Security Tools: No Trespassing!
Douglas Schweitzer
Intrusion prevention systems have evolved from firewall and intrusion detection technologies. While there’s no magic bullet to ensure your systems are secure, IPS can help you take a proactive approach.

Tech Tools: Collaboration in the Enterprise
Emily Hollis
When teams must cooperate and communicate across time and space, efficiency and productivity can suffer. With specialized technology in place, borderless collaboration becomes a reality.



Using Open-Source Software to Audit Networks
Steven A. Fletcher
Many network administrators are tasked with assessing their network’s security—a time-consuming and expensive process. This month, we explore an open-source option that can help reduce costs.

How to…Root Around in Mac OS X
Tim Warner
To perform routine tasks on workstations and server-class operating systems, you need administrator privileges. Here’s a step-by-step process to help you get to the bottom of Mac OS X.

Security: Contingency Planning: Business Impact Analysis
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
When developing IT contingency plans, it is critical to conduct a business impact analysis. By getting involved, security professionals can learn how business-critical assets and sensitive information impact their infrastructures.



On-the-Job Training Improves Job Performance
Sunil Gupta
Programming professionals not only must stay up-to-date on the latest methods and technologies, but also must remember how to complete outdated tasks. On-the-job training can help keep skills current.

Cisco Certified Voice Professional: Networked Communications Advantage
Ray Garra
IP telephony services are expected to top $2.2 billion by 2007, and Cisco is leading the way. Its new Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP) rounds out its stable of voice credentials for IT professionals.

Check Your Security Knowledge: Check Point Exam #156-110
Kenneth Finley
IT professionals who want to gain a foothold in information security must have a strong background in a wide range of physical, social and technical areas. Check Point’s CCSPA exam can provide the foundation.

Tackling Tough Interview Questions
Katherine Spencer Lee
Job-seekers dream of predictable interview questions that are not too hard to answer, but most employers will throw at least one tricky question your way. Here are strategies for six of the toughest questions.



Multiple-Choice Questions Are the Answer
David Foster, Ph.D.

IT Salaries and the Value of Certification
Brian Summerfield



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Ready for Recovery


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Eye on Certification: Information Security
Brian Summerfield
The number of information security professionals is growing rapidly, with some predicting their ranks will swell to 2.1 million by 2008. This month, we look at some of the most widely held security certifications.

Where Are All the Women in IT?
Kellye Whitney
Less than 30 percent of women are studying in a field that will prepare them for a career in science, engineering or IT. Steps are being taken to bring a more diverse range of professionals into the pipeline.

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