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Home Technology—The Workplace of the Future
Martin Bean and Robyn Thorpe
There’s a new world coming, with networked systems serving as the backbone for fully integrated smart homes. CompTIA’s HTI+ is your first step in landing the jobs of tomorrow, today.

Finding Work in Tough Times
Neill Hopkins and Jonathan Thatcher
Times are still tough for many IT professionals, and that means certain adaptation strategies are emerging. Evolving your skills can help you survive and thrive.



CertMag’s Microsoft Windows Server 2003 StudyGuide




The IT Industry Learning Cycle
Karl Childs
Skills and needs evolve rapidly in the IT industry, and the smart professional does the same. That lifelong learning cycle is your ticket to career advancement.

Wireless Security
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
Wireless technology is gaining ground in today’s fast-paced business environments, and the need for certified wireless security experts is keeping that pace. Are you ready for wireless work?

Ensuring the Best Possible Virtual Learning Experience
Ed Tittel
With today’s technology, virtual learning can mean anything from learning online to using simulated systems. This month, Ed walks you through the virtual landscape.

Managing Success in the IT Industry
Tanisha Blakely
As a consultant, Philip Alan Wilson knows the value of proving his skills. That’s where his systematic approach to earning 19 certifications comes in.

Oracle Certification: Doing More With Less
Suzanne Dowling, Janes DiIanni and Mike Serpe
In an information-driven age, companies are seeking robust database solutions, and professionals qualified to keep them running. Oracle certification can be your ticket to success.



10 Tips for New Consultants
David Garrett
If you’re just now hanging out your IT consultant shingle, no doubt you can use a little friendly advice. This month, Dave has 10 tips to get your business going.

The Cost of Staying Certified
Ann Beheler
Certification is a wise investment for IT professionals, but for the trainers who help certify them, it’s mandatory. This month, Ann looks at the cost of staying certified.

IT Managers Series—Is Outsourcing in Your Future?
Paula Moreira
Our series on career advice for IT managers continues, with a look at the role outsourcing professionals play in today’s IT environments.

Working as an ERP Professional
Ed Tittel
Companies seeking solutions often turn to enterprise resource planning professionals to help move the business ahead. Are you ready for ERP certification?



The Role of HIPAA for IT Professionals
Martin Bean

Multiple Choices: Not as Simple as You Think
David Foster, Ph.D.



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
You’re Off to Be the Wizard

Letters to the Editor


CertMag on the Web

Security Certification: Behind the Acronyms
Kathleen Coe
With security a major concern in today’s business world, the need for experienced security experts is growing. Add a security certification into that mix, and your job outlook improves.

Working Together: Certification Synergies
Oma Sewhdat
The certification industry is streamlining in many ways, with more and more programs converging around commonalities. The jCert Initiative is leading the way for Java experts.

ViewPoint: Brain Dumps, Study Guides and Certifications
Michael Woznicki
Certification candidates have at their disposal a variety of study tools, some good, some bad. In this “ViewPoint” article, we hear that the best way to protect certification is by earning it honestly.

Red Flags: Should You Say No to a Project?
Katherine Spencer Lee
For contractors, the thought of turning down work is often unthinkable. But sometimes, discretion is more than the better part of valor—it’s a survival strategy.

CloseUp: HP Certifications
Ed Tittel
Since the merger with Hewlett-Packard, the former Compaq certifications have been integrated nicely. Here’s a look at what this means for your career.

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