Maritz Adds Innovative Leadership Engagement Solution

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<strong>St. Louis &mdash; April 3</strong><br />Maritz, a St. Louis-based provider of sales and marketing services including employee recognition and sales incentives, is the exclusive distributor of Maritz Leadership Engagement, a Web-based management behavior solution created by Celebrity Service Institute that helps prepare leaders to effectively use employee recognition. Leadership Engagement is based on the work of Bob Nelson, Ph.D., a leading expert on inspiring, recognizing and engaging employees and author of best-selling <em>1001 Ways to Reward Employees</em>. <br /> <br />Leadership Engagement is the latest addition to Maritz Recognition Studio, a comprehensive set of services and tools delivered by Maritz and Nelson to provide enterprise-wide employee recognition solutions. Leadership Engagement targets companies&rsquo; leadership, engaging and inspiring them to use employee recognition more effectively to attain organizational goals. <br /> <br />&ldquo;Maritz Recognition Studio combined the expertise of Dr. Bob Nelson on informal recognition with Maritz&rsquo; expertise on formal recognition, enabling companies to develop a more successful, overall recognition strategy,&rdquo; said Mark Peterman, vice president of marketing at Maritz Motivation. &ldquo;The addition of Leadership Engagement to that suite of tools helps organizations reach the heads, hands and hearts of its leaders, raising both the awareness and the skill level of all its leaders in systematically providing recognition to their employees.&rdquo; <br /> <br />According to research studies by Nelson and Maritz, the No. 1 reason managers cite for not using recognition is they don&rsquo;t know how to do it well. &ldquo;This solution available from Maritz allows leaders to be better able to recognize employees, which is vitally important to a company&rsquo;s success,&rdquo; said Nelson.<br /> <br />Maritz Leadership Engagement uses Celebrity Service Institute&rsquo;s research-based E-Experiences method to deliver an integrated set of skills and competencies layered in over time to sustain permanent change within an organization. Celebrity Service Institute leverages a spaced repetition model that uses diverse experiences including interactions, simulations, online role-play, interactive testing and real-time feedback and coaching. <br /> <br />&ldquo;Typically, while the content delivered in traditional classroom training can be important, most of the time it produces very little lasting impact because too much information is delivered too fast. It&rsquo;s like trying to drink from a fire hose, while what&rsquo;s really needed is more of a drip irrigation system to allow for learning that is layered in over time, providing participants the chance to integrate their learning into on-the-job application and in the process systematically building their competencies,&rdquo; said Nelson. <br /> <br />Leadership Engagement marries critical employee needs, such as involvement and autonomy, with essential leadership behaviors, such as manager support and recognition. Companies that understand the critical needs of its employees (from traditionalists to Generation Y) will, as a result, be able to better attract, retain and develop its key talent, as well as enhance the customer experience and build a strong and loyal client base in the years to come. <br />

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