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Inside E-Learning: The Virtual Experience
Ed Tittel
IT professionals have plenty of options to prepare for certification exams, and learning electronically has come a long way since courses were first put onto CD-ROM. Here’s a quick guide to what’s out there.



Behind the Scenes: Microsoft Developer Solutions
Ed Tittel
Because Microsoft’s Windows is ubiquitous, developers of all stripes would be wise to learn more about the .NET Framework. This month, we look at some of the toolkits software developers can use.

Network Tools: Mail Trouble
Douglas Mechaber
When e-mail’s not working, end users quickly inundate the IT shop with calls and outbursts of frustration. E-mail utility tools and software can keep you ahead of the game.

Security Tools: Your Eyes Inside
Douglas Schweitzer
Protecting your company from external attacks is not enough, as studies show that internal intrusions are more frequent and damaging. Monitoring your systems can help you protect your network from both.

Tech Tools: Web Services Management: Poised for Takeoff
Emily Hollis
Web services and service-oriented architecture are hot topics this year, and management tools ensure success. With competing standards and consolidation issues, care is needed before investing.



15 Ways to Optimize Microsoft Exchange
Robert Shimonski & Chad Conrow
Paying attention to finer details can ensure smoother deployment of Microsoft Windows Exchange. We’ve got 15 real-world tips to help you assess your current Exchange environment.

How-To…Set Up a SOHO Network
Brad Causey
With high-speed Internet and networking equipment prices declining, many are finding that operating a small home office network is easier than expected. Get started building a SOHO network with these steps.

Security: IT’s Role in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
While the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 does not specifically address information security requirements, security is a key component of compliance. What do IT professionals need to know?



Prospering in Today’s IT Employment Environment
Neill Hopkins
No one can deny that information technology is necessary to 21st century business. Through education, certification and experience, IT professionals can join the “learned community.”

Sun Java Certification: Learn Once, Apply Everywhere
Jim Vonick
Since Sun introduced Java in 1995, the technology has become a prominent platform. Sun’s Java certifications ensure that what you learn once can be applied everywhere.

VoIP and CTP Certification: Converging on a Solution
James Stanger
With the rise of convergence, IT professionals need specialized skills to deal with voice, video and data solutions. TIA’s Convergence Technologies Professional can put you on the front lines of technology.

IT Managers: Motivate Your IT Staff
Katherine Spencer Lee
The economic environment of the recent past has taken its toll on many IT shops, where there’s more work to do and fewer colleagues to do it. How can you help yourself and your team avoid burnout?



Cheating and Technology
David Foster, Ph.D.

Boot Camps: Are They Right for You?
Brian Summerfield



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
Dealing With IT Ogres


CertMag on the Web

CertMag’s Letters to the Editor

Eye on Certification: Network Administration
Brian Summerfield
These days, there are as many kinds of network administrators as there are tools to run the network. This month, we offer a rundown of some of the most popular network administration certification programs out there.

Understand Your Learning Style: Study Smart, Pass Quick
Kellye Whitney
If you’ve been having a hard time passing your certification exams, it might help to discover your learning style. Knowing what preparation materials best suit your style can help you ace your exams the first time around.

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