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Financing Your Certification
Mark Gunther
You already know the value of certification, and you know that value usually has a price. This issue, we offer our annual look at the options available for funding your future.

Driving Your Career: The Intrinsic Value of Certification
Gene Salois
Think of your career like a long car trip: You start from one point and arrive at another, with a lot of stops in between. As a certified professional, your technical credentials make the journey smoother.



Coping Through the Great IT Depression
Bret Moeller
Things may be looking up, but the “great depression” in the IT industry has taken its tolls. Here are some tips to keep you going until the silver lining surfaces. href=”/articles/templates/cmag_department.asp?articleid=87&zoneid=63″>Prevent, Detect and Respond: Intrusion Detection Systems
Uday O. Ali Pabrai
With your network under attack all the time, intrusion detection systems play a critical role. Security professionals who know these systems can keep their enterprises safe.

The Benefits of Classroom Learning
Ed Tittel
There are many ways to learn your certification lessons, but the instructor-led solution certainly has value. This month, we look at the benefits that in-person instruction delivers.

Staying Ahead of the Curve
Tanisha Blakely
By his own admission, Gene Avery Hogsett Jr. may have no life. But thanks to certifications, he’s got a thriving networking career.

Dell Certification: Context, Strategies and Enhancements
Tom Scambilis
The Dell Certified Enterprise Engineer (DCEE) program is less than a year old, but the stage is set for a fulfilling future. Dude, are you getting a Dell certification?



Something for Nothing: Advertise Your Services for Free
David Garrett
When it comes to building your business, a little publicity can go a long way. When it comes to free publicity, the price is more than right. There are ways to get more for less.

Where Do I Find Work in a Down Economy?
Ann Beheler
Times may be tough, but even in tough times, trainers can be in demand. Ann lays out some options for finding work in all economic weathers.

IT Managers Series—Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Good IT Talent
Paula Moreira
Our series on IT management issues continues, with Paula looking at the manager’s top challenge: recruiting, hiring and retaining top talent.

Top-Paying Certifications
Ed Tittel
While it’s true that career happiness isn’t just about the money, it’s also true that the financial matters do matter. Ed has some research to help you target the top-paying certifications.



The Mystifying IT Project Manager
Martin Bean

Finding Independent Work by Finding Yourself
Gene Zaino

It Shouldn’t Be So Hard
David Foster, Ph.D.



Editor’s Letter
Tim Sosbe
The Certified Journey

Letters to the Editor


CertMag on the Web

Brocade Certification: A Storage Solution
Rich Parsons
Storage solutions are important considerations for today’s businesses, which thrive on the power of data. IT professionals certified in these skills can fill a crucial need.

Certifying the Experts
John Sissell
“Never stop learning” is a mantra in the certification world, and Intel certainly supports that goal. That’s why it found value in having degreed professionals learn the foundational skills that CompTIA’s A+ offers.

Certification Exams: Changing for the Better?
Denny Yost
With the advent of performance-based exams, certification testing is becoming a more reliable predictor of success. Still, a blended approach can be a viable way to learn.

Getting Control of Your Workday
Katherine Spencer Lee
You know your day can easily spiral out of control. Some time-tested time-management techniques can help you control your stressful schedule.

CloseUp: Project Management
Ed Tittel
Project management can be a good way to move up the corporate ladder, not to mention to a new financial strata. Finding the right certification can help you along.


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