MAP Presidential Award Winners Recognized for Excellence in Management

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<strong>Los Angeles &mdash; March 13</strong><br />Management Action Programs Inc. (MAP), renowned for its business consulting and leadership training, is officially announcing the winners of its 2007 Presidential Award. This prestigious honor is granted annually to select companies that have achieved business excellence by embracing the MAP Management System. This year&#39;s recipients will receive an honorary plaque from the MAP consulting team, as well as widespread public recognition via a newswire press release, MAP&#39;s cutting-edge Web site and its company newsletter.<br /><br />"These outstanding companies are really succeeding, and their high levels of excellence are directly linked to implementing the MAP Management System, as well as solid execution of their business fundamentals," said Lee Froschheiser, president/CEO of MAP. "We are also recognizing the award recipients for establishing empowering leadership and passion through accountability. These companies and the individuals behind them are true winners, and we&#39;re excited to promote them as such and hold them up as great examples to companies and CEOs nationwide."<br /><br />The award recipients were selected based upon the following accomplishments and criteria:<br /><br /><ul><li>Implementation of the MAP Management System throughout their organizations.</li><li>Significant improvement in their "Vital Factors," the critical elements that lead to sustained growth, profitability and continued success.</li><li>Establishment of consistent, effective leadership that provides clear company direction.</li><li>Reinforcement of company values through the consistent actions of management and employees.</li><li>The overall, yet incredibly crucial, hard work of its executives, management team and employees.</li></ul><br />MAP congratulates all 2007 Presidential Award winners on their achievement.<br /><br />The MAP 2007 Presidential Award winners:<br /><br /><ul><li>AutoCrib</li><li>Border States Electric</li><li>Brown Evans Distributing Co.</li><li>Cambrian Homecare</li><li>EE Technologies Inc.</li><li>Enthusiast Web Solutions</li><li>Fremont Hospital-PSI</li><li>Pierre Sprinkler & Landscape</li><li>Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Co.</li><li>Staples Construction Co.</li><li>Wilbur-Ellis Co. Feed Division</li></ul>

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