Many Businesses Think Twice About Upgrading Servers

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Philadelphia — Nov. 19

New research released by Fasthosts Internet, a leading reseller Web hosting provider, reveals that 33 percent of companies are too scared to change their current data server. Of the 132 server solution users who participated in the Fasthosts survey, the results showed that one-third of the participants did not want to risk causing any negative consequences that they felt could happen from switching to a new IT solution. Complications and data loss were two of the main reasons they had for stalling any upgrades.

While IT solutions are essential for businesses to stay competitive and operate smoothly, each company has a different reason for maintaining a server. According to the Fasthosts results, the large majority of businesses primarily use a server to host Web data (87 percent). For 67 percent, e-mail services are the main reason for it; while 52 percent manage business data, half use it to store office documents and 44 percent host their business software through their server.

Stephen Holford, chief marketing officer for Fasthosts Internet, suggested, “Business and technology go hand in hand. IT solutions are integrated into every part of a company’s livelihood, whether it be e-mails, customer information, profit data — you name it, servers store it. It’s exactly why businesses today need to have dependable and updated server solutions. Without it, a business puts more than just a Web site at risk.”

What is particularly interesting is the number of businesses that have experienced problems with their server over the last year. Despite those issues, which include problems with e-mail (36 percent), Web site downtime (34 percent), failed hardware (26 percent) and slow software (34 percent), companies still think twice about upgrading their server technology.

In fact, changing IT solutions is a goal for 25 percent of the respondents, yet they are too afraid to chance any negative consequences. About 1 in 10 even feels their server is currently outdated and 22 percent have not updated or changed their server in at least three years.

“What’s important is to realize that upgrading to an advanced server can enhance business and give them a competitive edge over the competition,” Holford added. “With our new dedicated servers, for example, SMBs keep their IT support in-house so they are more in tune to how their company operates. Actually, 1 in 5 said they even want to learn more about their server’s technology in our survey.”

Fasthosts’ new line of dedicated servers provides a top-quality product that entrepreneurs can trust to keep their information safe at an off-site location. Instant activation means there is essentially no downtime for IT servicing or much chance for complications to occur.

Resellers can also benefit from Fasthosts’ dedicated servers. Alongside their reseller business for Web solutions, resellers can offer the servers directly to end users as a premium, state-of-the-art IT solution. Perfect for resellers who have customers with special hosting needs, Fasthosts resellers are now able to provide high-spec servers with unlimited bandwidth directly to their customers and still earn a profit.

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