Managing Windows Vista Security

Questions derived from the 70-622 – PRO: Microsoft Desktop Support – ENTERPRISE Microsoft Self-Test Software Practice Test.

Objective: Managing Windows Vista Security
SubObjective: Troubleshoot security configuration issues

Item Number: 70-622.2.2.3
Multiple Answer, Multiple Choice

You are the desktop support technician for your company. The client computers on the network run Windows XP and do not have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) device installed. You want to install Windows Vista on all client computers and secure data on the hard disk by using Encrypted File System (EFS). Your installation must ensure that EFS is fully supported.

Which edition or editions of Windows Vista can you install? (Choose all that apply.)

  1. Windows Vista Starter
  2. Windows Vista Ultimate
  3. Windows Vista Home Basic
  4. Windows Vista Enterprise
  5. Windows Vista Business
  6. Windows Vista Home Premium

B. Windows Vista Ultimate
D. Windows Vista Enterprise
E. Windows Vista Business

You can install Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Enterprise or Windows Vista Business edition to ensure that EFS is fully supported on client computers. A TPM is a microchip that is usually installed on the motherboard of a computer and is designed to provide basic security-related functions, primarily involving encryption keys. Computers that have TPM chips installed are capable of creating cryptographic keys and encrypting them so that they can only be decrypted by the TPM. You can use EFS to secure data on a hard disk, if the computer does not have a TPM chip…



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