Managed IT Services Deliver Benefits in an Era of ‘Doing More With Less’

Wayne, Pa. — April 14
In today's difficult economic environment, organizations are turning to managed IT services to help them achieve lower and more predictable IT support costs, while also improving IT resiliency and operational efficiencies. Organizations are realizing the advantages of leveraging the investments of managed IT services providers rather than building and managing their own IT infrastructures.

SunGard Availability Services, a provider of information availability, has outlined the top five reasons to use a managed IT services provider in today's down economy:

  1. Gain support for mixed IT environments and leverage investments in technology and tools. Most data centers consist of both legacy and newer technologies, and it often becomes difficult for organizations to manage and maintain these mixed IT environments internally.

    Managed IT services providers take away the burden by providing specialized services to monitor, maintain and optimize every aspect of the IT environment, from Microsoft Windows servers to legacy systems to virtualized environments. Additionally, by leveraging a managed IT services provider's IT infrastructure, organizations can gain access to advanced tools and technologies helping them to have higher levels of visibility into the growth and performance of their applications.

  2. It's too expensive to build and maintain a data center on your own. For many organizations, building or upgrading their own data centers is becoming increasingly difficult to justify. In an era of budget cuts and curbed IT spending, many organizations are finding managed IT services as an attractive alternative. By leveraging a managed IT…



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