Manage Windows Vista security

These questions are based on 70-622 – PRO: Upgrading your MCDST Certification to MCITP Enterprise Support Microsoft Software Practice Self-Test.

Objective: Manage Windows Vista security
SubObjective: Configure and troubleshoot User Account Control

Multiple Answer, Multiple Choice

You are responsible for maintaining security of 20 Windows Vista computers in your company. You want to collect the copies of security events from all the 20 remote computers and store them locally on your computer. You need to specify which events should be collected from all the remote computers.

What should you do?

  1. Create a custom view
  2. Create a filter
  3. Create an event subscription
  4. Create a scheduled task


  1. Create an event subscription

You should create an event subscription. Event Viewer in Windows Vista enables you to collect copies of events from multiple remote computers and store them locally. You can create an event subscription to specify which events should be collected from the remote computers. You can configure the subscription to specify exactly which events will be collected and in which log they will be stored locally. You are required to configure both the forwarding and the collecting computers to use the event collecting feature in Windows Vista. The subscription functionality depends on the Windows Remote Management or WinRM service and the Windows Event Collector or Wecsvc service. Both of these services must be running on computers participating in the forwarding and…



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