Malta Emerges as New European Nearshore Contact

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<p><strong>London &mdash; May 16</strong><br />The emergence of new outsourcing markets continues within Europe&rsquo;s nearshore, and Malta is positioning itself as a location that is able to provide multilingual services across verticals, said Peter Ryan, senior analyst of contact center outsourcing research with independent market analyst Datamonitor (DTM.L). </p><p>Ryan recently had the opportunity to visit the location and examine its contact center sector. </p><p>In his view, Malta&rsquo;s established contact center sector, language capabilities (capacity to provide multilingual services over the long term) and open business environment and incentives bode well. </p><p>Malta&rsquo;s already solid-base of operating contact centers bodes well for its burgeoning business process outsourcing (BPO) sector.&nbsp; </p><p>In addition to in-house deployments such as HSBC, there are many independent outsourcers already doing offshore work for a number of different industry verticals, including travel and tourism, telcos and financial services.<br /><br />The fact that English is an official language, coupled with near universal fluency in Italian, bodes well for offshore/nearshore contact center service provision in Malta.&nbsp; </p><p>Not only is Malta a location of choice for U.K. tourists, which can boost comfort and familiarity for this location as a place to do business, but the lack of Italian offshore options is also an advantage.&nbsp; </p><p>Many Italian firms are looking for offshore locations in which to house some of their contact center operations, and Malta&rsquo;s proximity and language skills could play into that strategy.<br /><br />Malta&rsquo;s inclusion in the European Union and steps to liberalize its economy are also selling points for potential outsourcing clients.&nbsp; </p><p>In addition, its program of targeted incentives could prove attractive to companies requiring assistance in establishing operations in Malta. <br /><br />As has been the case with many other countries looking to establish BPO sectors, Malta is limited by a small population and limited real estate.&nbsp; </p><p>Thus, to maintain what appears to be significant progress over the past few years in developing the contact center industry, there must be efforts to attract the right projects to the island.&nbsp; </p><p>Although Malta will not be able to compete on scale, it has the potential to add value in terms of higher-end customer care and sophisticated service. </p>

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