Making the Best of a Less-Than-Ideal Job

You’ve come to a realization: You don’t enjoy your job. Perhaps you aren’t being challenged, advancement opportunities seem limited or you clash with your co-workers. Whatever the case may be, you feel you could be more satisfied working in a different environment.

But there’s a problem. The economic situation means jobs are more difficult to come by, and even though you’ve inquired about potential opportunities with other firms, you’ve gotten virtually no response. Unless your work situation becomes unbearable, it looks like you’ll need to stick with your current employer for a while longer.

Below are some tips for surviving — and even prospering — in a less-than-ideal job situation.

Identify the roadblock. Before concluding that it’s impossible for you to be satisfied in your current position, ask yourself what you find so unpleasant about it. Be honest in your assessment. By recognizing the factors contributing to your frustration, you might be able to rectify, or at least improve, the situation.

For instance, if you must frequently work with someone who is difficult to collaborate with, speak with your manager about partnering with a different member of the team. Working with someone else could make all the difference.

Look for a change inside the firm. You might be able to find a new position with your current employer. With companies doing what they can to stay as lean as possible, there may be opportunities to take on new projects or responsibilities that you would enjoy more. For…



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