Making Cents of Your Certs: The Salary Survey Comes Back

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IS IT MONEY, or the milk of human kindness that makes the world go ’round? Trick question: IT makes the world go ’round. And certification is what proves that you, the IT professional, are a key cog in the system.

Money has its place, of course, and certification is one way for you to get more of it. Or maybe it’s not. Are your certifications helping you find success in the job market? One way for all of us to find out is by bringing back the CertMag Salary Survey.

After you, and (almost) everyone else like you, gives us the answers to a few simple questions, we’ll crunch the numbers and tell you what we find.

The 2013 survey is now closed and no longer accepting responses. Thanks for your participation!

The results of this year’s survey will be available in early 2014. And please keep your eyes glued to CertMag next fall for our next annual salary survey.

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