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Feb. 8
Great content, rapid content development, slick visual presentation, an enhanced learning experience, assessments, programs that meet the learners’ learning objectives and a return on investment are the key things that businesses want from an e-learning program, according to Reg Agyeman of the global learning provider, Tata Interactive Systems (TIS).

Agyeman revealed this in a presentation — “Making Learning Count” — at the Learning Technologies exhibition held in London recently. Asking his audience three questions: Have you bought any e-learning you regret, have you done this more than once and will you do it again? Agyeman went on to examine some of the reasons why e-learning fails to meet its buyers’ and users’ expectations.

He advised: “Always test whether the business objective you want to achieve really is achievable via this medium. Consider the characteristics of your target audience, and decide whether your chosen solution will make a positive difference to business performance.

“In order to make your training solutions count, you need to choose the best medium for the task, weighing cost and against likely return,” he said. “You should understand the delivery medium’s limitations and risks; the vendor’s capabilities and your business’ need.

“Moreover, you should decide on your success criteria before embarking on the project — and then monitor the results,” Agyeman added.

“TIS’ many years of experience in this sector, working with clients all around the world, has taught us that e-learning can be a highly effective and cost-effective learning medium, but it is not always the only answer,” he said. “It’s important to link what you’re doing in terms of people development to supporting the business in achieving its bottom line objectives — which, of course, is where we believe that TIS can help!”

A key feature of TIS’ stand at this year’s Learning Technologies exhibition was its “minimalist” design, focusing on “no frills, just expertise.” Alan Samuel, TIS’ head of UK operations, explained: “We wanted to show that TIS has ‘cut the clutter’ and, in the light of the current developments in this sector, has moved to supporting our clients’ businesses through the use of consultancy and the use of technology.

“This approach is helping them to achieve their business objectives through staff development activities, and what’s more, it is helping them to demonstrate a connection between those development activities and bottom-line improvements.”

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