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Orem, Utah — Oct. 16
Makau Corp. has partnered with The Foundation House, a nonprofit library of charities, to help it launch the Shopping for Abundance Christmas Charity Challenge.

Makau, The Foundation House, and others are sharing resources to help Shopping for Abundance, the Christmas Charity Challenge launch in New York City.

Makau Corp., a provider of the foundational LMS and iPod training, shared its custom training resources with The Foundation House to create the instructional video and podcast for the introduction of its organization.

Also, it is partnering with The Foundation House to perpetually fund charitable causes by challenging people to do their shopping online with a membership which gives up to 5 percent cash back every time shoppers shop.

Kristen Lamb, The Foundation House founder, said that after launching her library with Makau’s help this summer, she has been amazed at the people who view their podcast and immediately jump in to help.

“Imagine a world where every person and every business pitches in to help — just think of the funds that could go to the world’s good causes,” said Lamb. “We’ve come up with a way to do that, and Makau Corp. is a great example of what good can be done by sharing talents and resources. Their work is beautiful and they are the best creating ways to communicate powerful messages.”

Aside from its business resources several of people in with the Makau team have chosen to jump in and do their online shopping for the some of the charities involved withThe Foundation House and the Shopping for Abundance Christmas Charity Challenge.

Scott Robinson, Makau Corp. financial consultant and manager, said he is a fan of shopping online and has chosen to shop for It’s a Miracle Center.

“I don’t have much free time, yet shopping online lets me creatively purchase gifts for my family on my lunch break or at home in the evenings,” Robinson said. “Makau and its team are happy to support The Foundation House and shopping for charity. With the amount of money other people and myself spend online, I believe giving a portion back to charity is a smart idea.”

Several organizations are involved with the Shopping for Abundance Christmas Charity Challenge, including Makau Corp.,, Cartridges for Kids, Links-for-Learning, Grapevine Talk Radio Network, Planetary Streams Inc., and DesiginIt.

All organization are invited to join with The Foundation House,

All nonprofits are invited to apply to participate in Shopping for Abundance and apply for the Clubco Christmas Charity Challenge.

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